Natasha McKenty - Trybelle Magazine

Natasha McKenty - Trybelle Magazine

"For 8 days I lived in these shoes, escorting me on shopping trips, beach dates, and even an afternoon spent strolling on a boardwalk spotting manatees. The first thing I noticed was how much softer they felt than my other flip-flops. Also, they were much more flexible and comfortable. After wearing them for several hours I didn’t feel the fatigue in my feet that I usually get while wearing flip-flops. I also didn’t experience the chaffing I usually do when breaking in a new pair of sandals. It was like they were instantly broken in. Even while hiking on the boardwalk, which I typically wouldn’t do in flip-flops, I felt no discomfort.”

Au Naturel

Flip-flops undressed. No chemicals here - safe for the environment, and your foot.

Clean Conscience

As members of the Fair Rubber Association, the standard is high and the workers are treated fairly!

Natural Comfort

100% natural rubber straps comfort treated to provide you a silky smooth wear.

Simple Style

You’ll be saying “This flip-flop goes with everything I wear!” You’re welcome. We made it easy for you.

Hyper Performance

Soles meticulously processed to produce the perfect blend of durable foot support and spongy soft delight.

Superior Durability

You can walk Olli through sunny sand-filled beaches, tough mountain roads, or the highways of life. Olli will still be there hugging your foot.