What is the secret ingredient?

Premium grade natural rubber tapped directly from the finest rubber trees of Sri Lanka.

Why natural rubber?

Well it’s a good question… to be honest I didn’t know much about it either until I started this journey to make the perfect flip-flop.

Here’s what I learned about natural rubber - specifically for footwear - over the past 2 years of developing the world’s best flip-flops...

It’s incredibly durable! I’ve been wearing my flip-flops for the last 200 days straight. Let’s be real I’m not the most delicate person when it comes to how I treat my flip-flops. I’ve taken these bad boys through some pretty rough terrain. Mountain roads? Been there. Sunny beaches? Done it. Errands for the day? Success! These things just don’t give out. The reason? Natural Rubber is incredibly elastic and when mixed with the right balance of other natural ingredients to make the perfect latex compound it becomes super spongy. It’s this sponginess that allows it to maintain it’s structure and remain strong no matter what you throw at it.


photo credit: Leotie Lovely, @flaco_d_oro / Shane Woodward


It’s super light-weight and freaking soft! Natural rubber has a silky smooth texture. The only thing I can think to describe it is silk. The stuff just feels like silk. Believe it or not, it actually looks like a perfect satin milk when it comes out of the tree. That definitely translates to more comfort on your foot. Between the cloud-like softness and the fact that they literally feel like they weigh nothing I often forget that I’m even wearing anything.



It automatically molds to your foot. This was an amazing discovery! We had been playing around with different natural rubber compounds that mixed the right amount of comfort and firmness to get through everyday life adventures. I knew we had it perfect when the flip-flops were molding to my feet but still able to provide enough support to wear constantly. This is due to the fact that we use a solid half inch of our special premium natural rubber compound recipe. This provides some really cool extra added benefits…

  • You get support exactly where your foot needs it! Because the natural rubber is conforming to the unique curves of your foot each flip-flop provides support exactly where your foot needs it most. This is no one size fits all. You could say natural rubber has built-in smart technology that just knows your foot’s needs.

  • No more irritation between your toes. Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn a pair of flip-flops that irritated your toes in the area where the thong stretched between your big toe and your index toe? Go ahead I’ll wait. You can raise your hand. I learned - by the way - that part is called the “toe plug”. Get this, because our natural rubber compound provides just the right amount of soft conformity the toe plug actually molds into the shape between your toes. Which means there is no unnecessary rubbing. It’s the only way I could have worn them 200 days straight without losing all my skin!

    photo credit: Konscious Whispers

    It’s only harvested in special climates. Believe me when I say, “this stuff was not easy to find.” Natural rubber just doesn’t grow everywhere. We had to go to great lengths to obtain it. Actually, we even went one step further than most that use rubber - we only use fair trade natural rubber. It took over 2 years even to just get all the suppliers in place but because of all this hard work up front we are confident that this is THE best material to create flip-flops.

    photo credit: Leotie Lovely, @flaco_d_oro / Shane Woodward


    Your foot doesn’t stand a chance at the beach all day, out with the kids on a Saturday, or through any other of life's daily toils without being supported by the finest quality materials.

    With the natural rubber from Sri Lanka’s finest rubber plantations we’ve worked with master artisans and rubber tappers to create the OLLI.

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