Hey! We’re the OLLI sisters Holly (left) & Heather (right). We make freaking comfortable Flip-flops that are made out of the finest natural rubber in all the world AND they’re fair trade!

Let me (Heather) tell you a story.

A couple years back I was at the beach and I realized I forgot my flip-flops. Given that flip-flops are a key part to beach enjoyment I set out to look for some flip-flops to buy at one of those beach shops you find everywhere around American beaches.

The problem was they were all super low quality and felt like walking on a piece of styrofoam. On top of that they were made of some really harmful chemicals.

Sensing a gap in the market for affordable but high quality flip-flops my sister and I set out to make a better flip-flop.

We chose to use natural rubber in our flip-flops. Which sent me on a worldwide journey (literally almost every continent) to find the highest quality natural rubber possible.

Why natural rubber?

Well because it’s freaking comfortable! - read more about our natural rubber here.

But we didn't stop there.

This story doesn’t end with the highest quality materials in any flip-flop... ever!

Because, as I set out to find natural rubber to add to the perfect flip-flop I found myself in the countryside of India and the backwoods of Sri Lanka at rubber plantations. It was deep in these plantations the exploitative nature of the rubber industry became very clear.

You wouldn’t believe the despair just to get a bucket of raw rubber.

Workers living in the most despicable conditions, getting paid outrageously meager wages, and treated like the lowest of low.
This reality is far worse than the harshness of bad chemicals or uncomfortable overpriced flip-flops.
I wanted no part in this.
So I set out to find rubber harvested on fair terms, rubber that cared for it’s people at every step of the process.
That’s when the full idea for the perfect flip-flop was born.
That’s when OLLI was born.

We’re so excited you’ve come across our brand. Please look around and if you find something you like you can purchase with the confidence that it’s the highest quality, most comfortable, safe for the environment, and safe for the people involved in it’s production.


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